Capital Equity Funding Knows How To Solve Your Debt Problems

Let Capital Equity Funding Solve Your Debt Problems

The United States experiencing a debt crisis of epic proportions.
There are more people in debt today than ever before and the scary part is that the debt is spread out over so many different categories.
If you have ever done any of the below then there is a good chance that you have taken at least some debt:

Gone to college (3)

Gone to college

Bought a home (3)

Bought a home

Bought a car (3)

Bought a car

Used a credit card (3)

Used a credit card

Gone on a vacation

Gone on a vacation

Going into debt has always been easy. Getting OUT of debt, on the other hand, is where the challenge comes in. Luckily, Capital Equity Funding has made it our priority to help as many people get out of debt as possible.

We truly feel that the finance industry has too many people looking to profit off of consumer debt.

Everywhere you turn there is someone else who is eager to sign you up for a new credit card or another type of “special offer”. We decided that it is high time that consumers got someone on their team who is willing to fight back.


Our mission can be described like this: Debt is a universal problem.

Since so many people struggle with it, we needed to devise a solution that fits everyone’s needs. That’s exactly what we did and it’s why we feel confident that Capital Equity Funding can offer a solution that works for you, regardless of your financial situation.

Getting out of debt with a Capital Equity Funding Personal Loan

At first glance, you might be inclined to think, “Wait what? But taking out loans was how I got into debt in the first place. How will taking out more loans help me?” Allow us to explain!

A personal loan is defined as a type of low-interest loan that can be used for a wide range of personal uses. The key factor here is that they are low-interest. Due to this, we recommend to all of our clients that they take out a low-interest personal loan and use it to pay off their other high-interest debt. The process looks like this:

The process is incredibly simple and all you need to do to get started is call one of our reps. Once you have been approved for a personal loan, you will be able to use it for personal use. However, there is one way to use a personal loan that is considered the best.

We don’t want to mislead you, taking out a personal loan is not like waving a magic wand

You will not be able to wave a wand and suddenly wake up to suddenly find yourself debt-free. Instead, what Capital Equity Funding offers is a strategic plan that will help you get out of debt faster. If you are lost in the woods, we’re offering you a map that shows you the quickest road back to town.

Aside from using a personal loan to get out of debt, they can also be used to fund a large purchase, cover moving expenses, or pay for something unexpected.

why work (2)

Why work with Capital Equity Funding?

We’ll be honest, personal loans are not unique to Capital Equity Funding and similar services are offered by other lenders. So why should you choose to work with us?


We know that it can be a little awkward to talk about your own personal finances. Trust us when we say that there are absolutely no judgments on our end. We have been in this industry so long that there is little that we haven’t seen.


Capital Equity Funding has been leading the industry for years when it comes to helping our clients get out of debt.


The main reason that you are even venturing down this path in the first place is because you want to get out of debt, right? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. Capital Equity Funding has an industry-leading record of getting our clients approved for a personal loan at the absolute lowest rate. We consider every client as part of the family and go above and beyond to get you the best deal possible.

Benefits of working with Capital Equity Funding

1 (33)

Personal attention

We make a point to really understand your needs before offering a solution.

We know that your finances are the most important thing in the world to you. Even if you are not “money-hungry”, you still need money in life in order to be comfortable and live the life that they want. Due to this, we make a point to really understand your needs before offering a solution. In fact, it’s entirely possible that a personal loan isn’t right for you! If it’s not, you can trust us to point you in the right direction.

2 (30)

The lowest possible interest rate

We make sure you get the lowest possible interest rate.

Since the entire point of taking out a personal loan is that you will save money on the interest, our agents go to battle for you in order to make sure you get the lowest possible interest rate. If we are going to save you money, we might as well save you a ton of money!

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Quick access to your money

We try our best to expedite the process and get you your money as soon as possible.

Nobody likes waiting, whether it's in a line, traffic, or something else. This is especially true if you are waiting on money that you desperately need. That's why, at Capital Equity Funding, we do our best to expedite the lending process and get you access to your money as soon as possible. From start to finish, you can expect the whole process to take only a few days.


Use our comparison calculator to see how much you would be saving


Interested? Call Capital Equity Funding today!

If debt is something that you struggle with then you don’t have time to waste! Each month that you delay taking action will result in more interest that you have to pay and more debt on your plate. Instead of constantly trying to shovel water out of a sinking ship, call Capital Equity Funding so we can throw you a life preserver!

  • Give one of our reps a call (2)

    Give one of our reps a call

    They are more than happy to chat and answer any questions that you might have. Additionally, high-pressure sales tactics are a big No-no at Capital Equity Funding.

  • Get access to your money (2)

    Get access to your money

    If a personal loan is right for you then you can expect to get access to your money within a few days.

  • Get back to your life (2)

    Get back to your life

    As we say, calling Capital Equity Fund is a very important call but it’s a call that we hope you only need to make once. That’s because by the time we are done, you’ll be more than capable of avoiding debt for the rest of your life.

We hear all the time the call made to Capital Equity Funding was the best call of our clients’ lives.

This is because it is our mission to take you out of debt and educate you properly so that you can learn from your mistakes and never end up in debt again!


What People Say About Us

“Capital Equity Funding has done more than I could ever say in terms of helping me get my life back on track! I was walking around every day with a sinking feeling of hopelessness in my stomach until I gave them a call. So glad I did! ”

Curtis Lamont
Curtis Lamont
Plano, Texas

“My husband and I have been stressing about our debt for years and didn’t think there was anything that we could do to get rid of it. It felt like the harder we tried the more debt we ended up having. Thank god my friend told me about Capital Equity Funding. Their reps went above and beyond to help us out!”

Kiara Moss
Kiara Moss
Santa Monica, California

“I’ve always found finance so confusing and that’s partly the reason I was struggling in debt. I was a little embarrassed calling Capital Equity Funding but their reps were so nice and helpful that the only thing I regret is not calling sooner.”

Kassidy Gill
Kassidy Gill
Tulsa, Oklahoma